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Some of the best loan programs in TN are right under our noses, and THDA loans (TN Housing Development Agency) are one of them. A few reasons why there isn’t a ton of press about these great loans is because 1) not all TN lenders can do them, 2) THDA loans tend to be smaller loan sizes (on average) and coupled with the limitation on allowable fees, many loan officers who could do them choose not to, and 3) many loan officers do not offer them because they believe that THDA loans are a lot harder to get closed, which is not true at all as long as they know the program guidelines. For brevity’s sake, this article will provide an overview for the THDA program rather than detail each […]

Millions of barrels of crude oil are traded every day around the world which is worth billions of dollars. To manage and standardize such kind of volume of business we need very precise and definite procedures and processes that leave very little scope of ambiguity. These procedures play a very crucial role in facilitating the deal and also at times help to weed out non serious players in the deal. Different supplier may lay down different set of terms and conditions which need to be studied carefully before moving ahead with their compliance. Any deals without 2% performance guarantee should be avoided to be on the safer side. Usually these procedures are developed with the aim to a) eliminate non-serious or fraudulent players, b) lay down precise conditions of trade […]

Traffic brokering is one of the ways you can use to make money online. In simple terms, it means you direct traffic from your promotional content straight to the affiliates’ sites or your own sites which display the affiliate providers’ products. Here you hope that the sales page is convincing and enticing enough to convert the prospect into a buyer. Although traffic brokering is not seen as ideal because it is a way of making inconsistent income, sales wise it could be very profitable. However, this method is generally seen as inferior to list building, because the latter captures the contact details of the prospect and can result in more future sales. Traffic brokering knows no buyer, only the number of sales. No contact details are recorded so there is […]

Gulf Oil Corp.–Takeover Summary of Facts o George Keller of the Standard Oil Company of California (Socal) is trying to determine how much he wants to bid on Gulf Oil Corporation. Gulf will not consider bids below $70 per share even though their last closing price per share was valued at $43. o Between 1978 and 1982, Gulf doubled its exploration and development expenses to increase their oil reserves. In 1983, Gulf began reducing exploration expenditures considerably due to declining oil prices as Gulf management repurchased 30 million of their 195 million shares outstanding. o The Gulf Oil takeover was due to a recent takeover attempt by Boone Pickens, Jr. of Mesa Petroleum Company. He and a group of investors had spent $638 million and had obtained around 9% of […]

After spending much time explaining the differences between options trading and futures trading to beginners to derivatives trading, I think its time to touch on the similarities between options trading and futures trading. Is options trading and futures trading really that different? What are some of the similarities? Well, there are actually four main areas in which options and futures are similar. First of all, options and futures are both derivative instruments. This means that they are both merely contracts that allows you to trade their underlying asset at certain specific prices, hence deriving their value from price movements of their underlying asset. Both options and futures are merely contracts that bind the exchange of the underlying asset at a specific price. Without an underlying asset, options and futures would […]

The most important advantage of using Bridging Finance is that you can complete the purchase of a new property before the sale of your existing property has completed. As organising the sale of your existing property and co-ordinating the purchase of a new property can be extremely difficult and create stress and pressure. If there is enough equity in your existing property you may be able to incorporate the finance needed for all of the fees involved. A Bridging Finance Loan is a temporary home loan which enables a purchaser to buy the property of their choice without being held up by the lengthy sales process. This can be a huge plus when you find the property for you and you do not want to risk losing it through a […]

There are obviously more than 10 radiology scholarships and grants that you can apply for, but the following top scholarships and grants are among the best opportunities for educational financing in this field. Everyone wants a way to help pay for school, and radiology students are no different. The cost of an education can deter people from even considering college in the first place. If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to pay for your ultrasound training, these 10 radiology scholarships and grants could provide just the right opportunity for you: 1. American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) Scholarships 2. Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography Scholarship – Alvin CC 3. Society for Vascular Ultrasound’s 2010 Anne Jones Scholarship 4. Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) Scholarships 5. Sladek Critical Medical […]

Most corporate organisations collapse today as a result of ineffective management. This is because most people find themselves in managerial positions without prior training or preparation. Many errors are therefore committed by such managers which negatively affect their organisations. It is therefore necessary for such managers to learn from this book entitled “13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them”. It is written by Steven Brown, president of the Fortune Group. Brown says for many years now, the Fortune Group and himself have been helping businesses to succeed and managers to manage. He reveals that within this period, he has seen just about every kind of business situation. Brown adds that after all these years in the trenches, solving real, not textbook, problems, he has discovered that […]

In the last article I discussed what are the causes behind The Great Depression of 1929. In this article I will spread some light on why The Great Depression became a global phenomena rather than affecting only limited economies. How Great Depression spreads worldwide The Gold Standard Most money was paper based, as it is today, but governments were obligated, if requested, to redeem that paper for gold (Principal on which gold standard is based). This “convertibility” put an upper limit on the amount of paper currency a government could print, and thus able to prevent inflation. There was no tradition of continuous, modest inflation in those times. Most countries went off from the gold standard during World War I, and restoring it afterward became a major postwar aim . […]

Melanie, a director of administration at a New York City law firm, attended a training workshop on negotiating equipment leases at the Association of Legal Administrator’s (ALA) 2010 Annual Conference in Boston. The session, titled Equipment Leasing: The Fine Print Financial Implications, provided attendees with the straight story on equipment leasing and how to negotiate better leases. Melanie shared her success story. She used four of the lease and and negotiation tips she learned in the workshop and saved her law firm more than $14,436 on a single copier lease. She started by asking the copier vendor questions. Why was he offering a 63-month lease term? Why is the payment $1,280 if this copier is not equipped with the bells and whistles of the firm’s other digital copiers? Melanie said […]